A long week and the not so usual Friday feeling

This week has been exactly as described above. I’ve worked long hours, haven’t been sleeping well and I was at the point yesterday where I was ready for killing dead things. I can’t blame being a woman or the time of the month for my mood yesterday, but the 10 days off I had over… Continue reading A long week and the not so usual Friday feeling

Music and memories

Today, despite being up early for the weekend, I didn’t leave my room until early afternoon, tidying up the mess and sorting washing while snacking on cashew nuts until I made it downstairs to make a meal. I was on a mission, my room needed sorting. I remember reading somewhere that the state of your… Continue reading Music and memories

Waiting time

So right now I’m waiting til 7.30pm for a scheduled zoom meeting. Dinner is over and I’m currently in “in limbo“, playing the waiting game. I can’t settle down on the sofa incase I fall asleep (highly likely given the relationship I have with my sofa lol), I don’t want to do anything work related… Continue reading Waiting time

It’s been an age

So it has been ages since I’ve shared anything. Not because there is nothing going on but because I questioned whether anyone was really reading things anymore or had any interest in anything I shared or had to say. I’m not one for small talk and struggle with conversation but the thoughts in my head… Continue reading It’s been an age

Obesity is now a disease ….

RCP have said that obesity is a disease…. Finally someone is taking notice of the research that has been taking place. A very learned friend of mine stated a well known fact in the midst of a conversation yesterday “you don’t decide what weight you are, your brain does”. You can exercise, diet, count calories,… Continue reading Obesity is now a disease ….